HOA Dues can be sent to:
Foxchase Homeowners Association
PO Box 520
Meadow Lands, PA 15347

2023 Monthly Dues:

  • Single Family Homes: $24
  • Even #'s Townhomes: $81
  • Odd #'s Townhomes: $62
  • Carriage Homes: $79
* Please send in your Monthly dues promptly;  remember that they're due on the first day of the month.  As an example, dues for January 2020, should be paid on or before January 1st, 2020.  Similarly, if you plan on paying quarterly, please prepay for the quarter.  Payment for January - March would still be due on or before January 1st, 2020.

* Your bank may offer free bill-pay services where you can schedule automatic transactions;  We encourage you to take advantage of services to ensure that your dues are paid on time.

* We appreciate your dues being paid promptly.
* If you expect to be late in paying your dues, please contact us ahead of time to let us know;  we may be able to make payment arrangements depending upon your situation.

* While we hope that everyone pays their dues promptly, we realize that situations will come up which will need to be addressed.   A retro-active $25 late fee per month will be assessed  for non-payers;  If the problem persists, additional actions will be taken which will result in the homeowner paying additional fees & costs incurred for legal action.

* Not paying your dues may result in reduced services for the community -- or in higher monthly dues to ensure that there are more reserves available.  The association pays it's bills for services as they are rendered and we truly need the dues in order to operate.
Updated 6/20/2023