Foxchase HOA Newsletter
October 2020

Dear Foxchase Neighbors,

The Foxchase Homeowner's Association Board (HOA) has created this newsletter as a supplement to our annual newsletter to keep residents updated on matters and concerns related to our Foxchase community.  As a reminder, the board is responsible for the following:

​               * Address and resolve property issues of concern for our residents
               * Review and approve property modifications
               * Formulate and maintain the community budget
               * Select contractors for landscaping, snow removal, lawn care, etc.
               * Interact with Malone Property Management Services,
               * Cooperate with North Strabane Township (NST) on legal issues,
                    and monitor and maintain the common area.

We also maintain a Foxchase "Facebook" page to communicate "information only" such as lost items, fertilization, asphalt sealing, garage sales, and other neighborhood events.  However, please continue to submit property modification applications or other concerns through to

HOB 2020 Accomplishments
    -    We have worked with neighbors on many types of needs this year.
            +    15 Property Modification Requests were approve; 1 was denied
            +    2 resale certificates were issued
            +    7 new residents were welcomed
            +    2 parking requests were approved
            +    3 resident disputes were addressed
    -    Asphalt replacement was done for even numbered townhomes on HuntingCreek
    -    Dead trees were removed
    -    Mulching & Aeration was done for the townhomes, carriage homes and common areas.
    -    Utilities were buried
    -    Contractor Requirements were developed.
    -    The Foxchase sign at the top of our street was cleaned.
    -    Summer Newsletter.


    1.    Disputes with HOA Service Providers
            If you have a problem with one of the services provided, please contact the vendor directly.

                    Driveway Sealing service (for Townhomes Common Roads)
​                    Tom Ackerman at 724-891-0674 

                    Fertilization, weed control & grub control
                    Superior Lawn Care - contact Bob Haynor at 724-925-3200

                    Lawn Mowing, Mulching & Snow Removal services
                    John Guest - 724-518-0767 -

    2.    Neighbor Disputes & Issues
           The HOA Board has continued to be contacted about disputes with neighbors.  This includes but not            limited to; noise, fireworks & property damage.  Your HOA and Board has no authority in these                        matters.  Our first suggestion is to talk to your neighbors while being a good neighbor.  Please                       contact North Strabane Township or the NST police if you cannot work out your differences.

    3.    Requirements for Gaining Approval for Homeowner's Projects
           If you don't receive approval and your project violates HOA rules, the board can require you to redo the            work. They can also make you pay a fine.  Make sure your project is compliant before construction            begins.

            When renovating within your Foxchase HOA property, please read the Foxchase HOA CC&R's             (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions), that provide the rules and regulations of the homeowner             association.  Next, seek approval from your HOA Board.  Once you've taken these important steps,             you can go on to the next phase of activity.

            Requirements for Using Contractors to Perform Work
            HOA Board members are bound by legal mandates, set forth in places such as state and HOA             CC&R's, with regard to how to accept work that involves hiring contractors.  The following guidelines             must be adhered to when obtaining approval and proposals for contractors and home owner projects. 

            Requirements for homeowners for requesting HOB Approval
            Please provide the following:
            A comprehensive description of the work to be performed
            *   Residents must use the internet approval request provided by the Foxchase web page.  Hand                 written proposals delivered in any other way are not acceptable.
            Approximate time to accomplish the project
            *    A rough schedule will speed up the approval process
            Provide the contractor with the Foxchase Contractor Checklist and submit it with your proposal as             they will be monitored by the HOB for compliance. 

            See the form titled Contractor Compliance Checklist online

            As the homeowner, its important that you read these guidelines during the project planning stage.  You             need to determine which HOA rules apply to your project and then make a plan.  If you're hiring             professionals to do the remodel or renovation, it's crucial that these people also understand and follow             our HOA's guidelines. 

     4.    Update Contact Information 
            It is essential that we be able to contact all residents in our FCHOA community.  Please send an             up-to-date email address to Kerri Maravich at

    5.    Mailboxes
            Please refer to Rule 2014.1 - found on our website;  Mailboxes must be             maintained in good repair and replaced with BLACK boxes and WHITE posts in keeping with the             original look, effective for all mailboxes installed after October 24, 2014.  To keep your dues low, the             HOA will not bear the cost of replacing mailboxes.
            If your mailbox is being held together by duct tape or bungee cords, the it is NOT in good repair or in             compliance with community standards.  We issued individual letters to residents out of compliance             at the beginning of October.  If you received a letter, please address this issue by the end of             October.
​           If you need help, please contact your HOA Board and we can give you access to resources.

    6.    Signage
            As we are in election season, please be respectful of your neighbors' right to display signage             supporting their candidates.  Also, if you do choose to display a sign, please keep in mind that we live             in a family neighborhood and refrain from nudity and/or profanity.  Please limit signs to no larger than             2x3 feet, unless with prior approval.  Also please refrain from homemade signs.
            The HOA board has limited authority over content of signage.  If you disagree with the content of a             sign, please discuss it with your neighbor.  If you feel you must escalate, then again, the next step is             to notify the police.
            For your reference, this is the rule regarding signage in our Declarations, Rules and Regulations.

                        No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot for a 
                        period of sixty (60) days or more without prior written consent of the Board
                        of Directors of the Association.


    Fences - When installing a fence, residents must adhere to the Foxchase By-laws and Rules and     Regulations.  The by-laws and rules can be found in the documents section on the HOA website.  Additional     rules are located in the info section.  In summary, no barbed wire or similar material (chain link) can be     used, fences may be placed on the side and rear yards but shall not be constructed closer to the street in     front of the house than the front property line of the house and shall not exceed six feet in height.  In     addition, access to carriage home center units must be maintained from both sides of the center unit for     maintaining and improving their residence. For carriage homes, fences shall not extend beyond a five feet     navigable are (flat and unimpeded path) to allow access to center units by residents and landscaper's     equipment. 

    Delinquent Accounts:
    In accordance with the Association Declaration, every homeowner is obligated to pay HOA assessments     when due.  The HOA assessments pay for the services provided throughout the year.  Unpaid assessments     draw on the reserve funds cash and could eventually result in higher assessments for all owners.  Those     owners who do not pay will face legal action and have a judgment placed against their home and other     collection procedures.  All past due HOA assessments with late fees and applicable legal fees apply.

    Pet Owners - Please be respectful of our community and abide by the "Poop & Scoop" rules enacted     2/23/2015.  This includes cleaning up after your pet in the common areas near the entrance to Foxchase.

        Rule 2015.1 Poop and Scoop
        There have been multiple complaints from our residents that pet owners are not cleaning
        up after their dogs.  Allowing a dog to relieve itself on Foxchase individual yards, mailbox
        posts, driveways (paved or gravel), sidewalks and common area landscaped bedding is 
        considered a nuisance violation unless you immediately clean up after your dog - called -
        "Poop-Scoop" courtesy.  Foxchase dog owners should train their dogs to go to the bath-
        room in their own yard and not their neighbors.  Not only is it rude and inconsiderate, but
        a dog doing their business in someone else's yard could be considered trespassing.  As
        a result of the recent complaints, a rule has been enacted for our neighborhood.

        Violation of the rule will be enforced as follows:
        If a neighbor can prove that a Foxchase dog defecates in their yard (and is not picked
        up) by picture or video and can provide the dog owners name and address, the pet 
        owner will be subject to the following:
                1st offense:    Written Warning
                2nd offense:    $50 fine payable to Foxchase HOA
        We appreciate all Foxchase dog owners respecting this rule.

    Tarps - Tarps are allowed as a temporary measure to keep dirt and/or mulch dry before application.     However, tarps should be removed within a timely manner.  These tarps are unsightly and, if you live in a     Carriage or Town Home, the tarp may impede grass cutting and fertilization service.  You may receive a     letter asking to remove the tarp and repair grass destroyed underneath at your expense.

    Firewood - must be stored the back of the home. Firewood is not allowed in the front of housing units. 

    Speed Limit - please adhere to the 25 miles per hour speed limit posted in our community.  As always,     please drive with caution.  It has been brought to our attention that some vehicles are going through stop     signs and/or driving at excessive speeds.  For the safety of our neighborhood, please drive slowly and     safely.

    Garbage Day -  Please properly store your garbage in tight lid containers or strong trash bags to avoid     littering our community.  Most of the debris appears to be recyclables on days with high winds.  In the vent     of a spill onto the sidewalk or street, we ask that you clean up your waste that day.  Please keep our     community clean!

    Street Parking - If for any reason residents need to park on the street overnight, NST should be notified or     NST police will ticket your vehicle.  Driveway sealing or new concrete are just a few reasons why you may     need to park on the street overnight or for several days.  Call NST at 724-746-8474 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm     on weekdays and let them know you need overnight parking and the police will be notified.  If after normal     hours, call 724-350-6062.

    If you are having a party or some other event with many visitors, the gravel parking lot at the stop sign at     Foxchase and HuntingCreek is available for overflow parking.

    Board Service Opportunity:
    The Home Owners Board is actively recruiting for volunteers to join the Board and commit to serving our            community.Currently, we have representation from the Single-Family homes as well as the Carriage     homes on the HOB.  The Townhomes currently are not represented on the HOB.  The time requirement     responsibilities of HOB members typically do not involve much time, and most of the work is completed     through email correspondence.  Please email us at if interested in learning more.

Neighborhood events:

    +    Charity 5K walk - We are excited to announce that several neighbors have again organized the 6th Annual Foxchase Foxtrot!  This year we are raising money for the Washington Area Humane Society.  Every little bit helps. We know that we can make a difference together - last year we raised $2,350 for the Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp Conservancy.  In fact, since we started the Foxchase Foxtrot in 2015, our community has donated over $10,000.  Thank you again too all who have donated and participated over the years.
                Mission Statement
                    Provide shelter, safety and food for the orphaned and abused animals of
                    Washington County with the goal of placing them in loving homes.
                    +    Provide public education about the humane care and treatment of animals. 
                    +    Provide affordable veterinary outpatient services including spaying or neutering.
                    +    Investigate and resolve abuse cases in the best interests of the animal and
                    The Washington Area Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, meaning we do not
                    euthanize animals to make room for other animals
                    +    We pride ourselves on giving every animal a chance at a loving permanent home
                            regardless of age or medical condition.
                    +    98% of the animals WAHS intakes are from Washington County.
                    +    WAHS is 99% funded by private contributions and donations.
                    +    We take in on average 1,000 animals and investigate over 300 abuse cases
                    Closed Door Shelter
                    When people find out that this is a closed door shelter they sigh with relief.  The
                    reality is that what makes this a feel-good public policy is also what makes it
                    even more difficult to maintain.  In 2019 we had a 96% live release rate.  The
                    shelter has capacity for approximately 60 dogs and puppies and 60 cats and 
                    kittens.  We can only accept another dog or cat when space becomes available. 
                    We are always seeking your help through adoptions, monetary donations and
                    supply contributions.
                    Defining Closed Door (No-Kill) Shelters
                    A typical rule of thumb is to determine whether a shelter saves more than 90% of
                    its animals defines its Live Release Rate.  The Live Release Rate takes all Live 
                    Animals that are in a shelter in one year (those adopted, transferred to No Kill
                    shelters/rescue groups, reclaimed by their families or still at the shelter) and
                    divides it by Total Animals that have been in the shelter that year (all pets in the
                    shelter's custody at the beginning of the year and all live intakes during the year).
                    Most important is saving every pet that is healthy and treatable. 
                    Initially incorporated in 1906, the Washington Area Humane Society (WAHS) has
​                    been in continuous operation since the 1950s when the current property was
                    purchased and the kennel building was erected.  Located across from the
                    livestock auction building, the five-acre track of land is centrally located and 
                    easily accessible throughout the country.  Over the years, the original facility was
                    As a 501(c)(3) organization funded solely by private contributions, WAHS
                    shelters and cares for abused, abandoned, and stray companion animals until
                    they can be adopted into responsible homes.  The Board and staff are deeply
                    committed to the well being of the animals and vigorously promote spaying and 
                    neutering of all pets to eliminate the cruelty of animal overpopulation.  
                    WAHS is located in a rural area of the county, the population of which is over
                    200,000.  As such, the shelter attempts to provide many essential pet welfare
                    and education opportunities to the public in addition to the daily mission of finding
                    new homes for the dogs and cats in the shelter.
                        The Washington Area Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) no-kill shelter
                        funded solely by private contributions.  The official registration and
                        financial information of the Washington Area Humane Society may be
                        obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free,
                        within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.  Registration does not imply

            We are meeting in the cul-de-sac at 8:00 a.m. Thanksgiving morning and the walk will 
            begin about 8:30.  All are welcome!  Our route takes us from the cul-de-sac, up Foxchase
            Drive, down HuntingCreek and loops around the pond in Glen Cannon - in all about 5K.
            Let's get some activity in together before indulging in our Thanksgiving feasts and raise
            money for a great cause.  This year we are also asking for donations of shelf stable food
            items that we can bring to the Facebook.

            There is an event created on Facebook called the 6th Annual Foxchase Foxtrot.  If you 
            have not received an invitation, or have any questions, please contact Heidi Gillespie
   or Erin Goeckeler

    Garage Sales and Signs - From time to time, the neighborhood conducts a community garage
        sale.  If conducting your own garage sale, please get approval from the HOA board by email
        or phone that you are putting up signs.  Signs are required to be removed one hour after your
   Annual Meeting 
    The Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held on November 19, 2020.  We will be monitoring the situation     with the pandemic and will be sure to comply with all relevant policies and procedures.  We will be     communicating our plans as we get closer to the date and will be sure to give residents access to sign up     to attend.

    Foxchase HOA Board

A Note from our Neighbor

    In March, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a week before the COVID shutdown.  Stress, disbelief and
    insecurity were common themes in our home.  Fast forward to May 1, my surgery day . . .I took an early     morning walk to gather myself before we left.  I was astounded at the sight of pink ribbons on all the     neighborhood lampposts.  Even neighbors I haven't ever met before had taken the time to hang the ribbon!      Leaving Foxchase that morning, I have never been so thankful to live in this wonderful community.  The     solidarity of support was overwhelming.
    Fast forward to present . . . October is breast cancer awareness month.  I am a survivor and am thankful     that our pink ribbons remind me and all our residents to get screenings and mammograms done.  I hope     you will hang the ribbon every October to show our neighborhood support of every special woman, mother,     daughter and wife that may be affected by this disease.
    I am grateful for my neighbors.  Thank you for all your love and support.
        Much love - Erin Goeckeler