Foxchase Annual HOA Meeting

                        Agenda         11/23/2020 - Virtual ZOOM Meeting

Introductions - Kerri Maravich
        Meeting come to Order
        Review Agenda
                We have worked with neighbors on many types of needs this year:
                            *    15 Property Modification Requests approved, 1 was denied
                            *    2 resale certificates were issued
                            *    8 new residents were welcomed
                            *    2 parking requests approved
                            *    5 resident disputes were addressed

2020 Review - Heidi Gillespie
        2020 HOB Accomplishments
                            *    Addressed the disabled mailboxes; residents replaced them
                            *    Signage - remove any political signs
        Foxchase Events and Information
                            *    6th Annual Foxchase Foxtrot
                            *    Disputes
                                      Please talk to your neighbor.  If unresolved, call NST police.
                            *    Property Modification
                                        If you are requiring a Permit from NST, they want 
                                        an approved PMA before issuing any permits.
                            *    Pets
                                        When walking your pet, please pick up after them.
                            *    Speeding
                                        We have many children and older adults who 
                                        need you to drive slowly.

Budget Review - Steve Meyer
        Review 2020 Current Budget
                            *     Asphalt Replacement on HuntingCreek Dr
                          *    Tree Removal on GlenCannon and Foxchase properties
                          *    Mulching & Aeration of Carriage homes and Townhomes,                                 and common areas
                          *    Utilities were buried
                          *    Contractor Requirements - make sure you are with a safe                                 and qualified contractor.  Use the checklist.
                          *    Foxchase Sign - cleaned and area spruced up
                          *    Summer Newsletter 

Budgeted Operating Costs - Steve Meyer
            Non budgeted for operating costs
            Review 2021 Budget
                          *    No increase or changes for the new budget year
            Project review

Area Updates - Lori Benacquista
        *    Bridge over Canonsburg Lake will be removed on 12/07/2020 - 
             the road will be reshaped and reconstructed in the next 8 months. 
        *    The Lakeside apartment buildings will be completed first and then the               carriage homes and Senior Center will be constructed across McDowell.
        *    McDowell will be resurfaced Spring/Summer 2021.
        *    Scenic Valley will start construction in summer 2021.
​Resignations      *    Lori Benacquista
                           *    Heidi Gillespie
Proposed New HOB Members
                        *    Doug Gillespie SFH
                        *    Pete Moniodes TH
                        *    Clyde Villa SFH
VOTE on the 2021 Budget and New Proposed HOB Members.  All approved.
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