Contractor Compliance Checklist
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Please read and acknowledge the following by signing this document before you as a contractor steps on HOA property to perform the work.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Establish a complaint resolution policy that includes procedures for verbal and/or written complaints.  The person or entity making the complaint needs to know it is beings investigated and the a report with findings will be delivered.  Contractors must log all complaints and review them periodically.

The following documents are required before a contractor steps on HOA property to perform the work.

        Liability Insurance
        Workers' Compensation Insurance
        State License
        Business License
        Any other State and Local requirements of the particular job.
        State and Federal OSHA safety regulations apply to contractors.

Day to Day requirements

        Working Hours - Working hours for contractors shall fall between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM         Monday through Friday.  Any deviations from these times shall require approval of the home owner
        and the Foxchase HOB.

        Parking - Cars and trucks must not restrict access to resident's mail boxes and driveways.
        Contractor parking may not interfere with Wednesday's garbage pickup. A space on the right
        side of Foxchase drive is reserved for first come first serve parking. Large machine type vehicles
        require a special discussion with the homeowners and the FCHOB for parking.  Parking in the 
        homeowners' yard must be approved by the owner.  Any altercation to Foxchase Common
        Property or neighboring property must be restored to its original condition following
        construction completion.

        Noise - Any loud noise or dust that disturbs homeowners must be discussed with the 
        neighboring properties prior to construction.

        Clean-up -During the construction phase, all debris that can be seen from the street must be
        discarded by the contractor on a daily basis.  At the end of construction all dirt and debris must
        be discarded by the contractor.  No visible signs of construction shall be seen on streets,
        sidewalks, or anywhere else as a result of construction.  Examples may be street stains from
        mulch, damage to concrete sidewalks, or damage to structures such as mailboxes, retaining
        walls, or electrical and cable boxes.

I understand and shall comply with this document and the following:
                Foxchase HOA CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)


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